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AireBag Suicide/Fall Arrest System

World War 1

Civil Defence Supply in a Joint Venture with Aireshelta plc brings to the police and emergency services a completely new concept in fall arrest during high-level negotiations such as threatened suicide.

The massive disruption caused by bridge and structures jumpers costs the nation £.millions annually in direct and indirect expense irrespective if they carry out their threats or not. An adequate and effective rapid-deployment safety-system has been long overdue.

AireBag is the answer.  These two top-class British firms have combined their knowledge and manufacturing expertise to create a truly effective fall-arrest system working alongside police experts in suicide negotiation.

The disruption caused by real or threatened suicide is a major problem not only to the Police but the Public. Please view these two videos showing prototype trials in progress using a full-weight mannequin dropped from 7 metres testing effective off-centre entrapment

IMG_0595.MOV IMG_0603.MOV

AireBag is not only a product but a complete solution package with an extensive deployment and use training course provided by Civil Defence Supply running regular courses either at a users location or at seminars to be held regularly throughout the year. The photograph on the right is at CDS Headquarters at Ashby Hall using one of the companies two access platforms.

A selection of dead-weight mannequins in a CDS ‘loan-pool’ will support any client who wishes to roll-out their own in-force or in-agency adoption, supported by a very strong Business Case as AireBag will pay for itself on the very first call-out.

Mannequins and other training aids are available for purchase.

Users can hire a hydraulic platform locally to perform their own in-force and refresher training from different simulated heights.


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