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Dragon Portable Searchlight


The the early 1980’s the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence Stock Codified the first pattern DRAGON Portable Searchlights which entered service in 321 EOD Northern Ireland on Bomb Disposal work.  

Renown for their reliability and performance DRAGON has remained to this day an essential part of military, police and First Responder operations world-wide with over 21 enhancements bringing you the latest technologies such as high-power LED arrays.

There are numerous DRAGON Options and accessories such as Remote Control operation, a wide selection of easy-to-fit InfraRed filters, lens protectors and even an UltraViolet filter for Forensic use.  We also supply coloured filters and other special types   -   Please ask.

Tripod, wall mounting and vehicle brackets as well as a range of mains, vehicle and airframe powered chargers are available.  External power cables and supplementary battery packs all add to increasing operational duration.

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