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The very latest LED Technology is now available as an option on all DRAGON Portable Searchlight models including retro-fits on lamps in for rebuilding or repair. LED’s offers vastly enhanced durations depending on array type and better target illumination  -  See Above.

Dragon Portable Searchlight 2 - LED Lens & Conversions

Latest LED Dragon Searchlights


50 Watt Halogen DRAGON Portable Searchlight

50 Watt LED DRAGON Portable Searchlight

There are tens of thousand of DRAGON Portable Searchlights in service around the World, many well over 15 years old and still giving reliable service.  Every lamp is serial numbered and our archive details the build-date, build-team and parts manifest.  The reliability of DRAGON in legendary and has survived front-line duty in fire brigades, the military and air/sea rescue for decades.

Please DOWNLOAD our DRAGON Portable Searchlight Brochures for more detailed product information or go to our e-Commerce LINK to buy.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat the software link is shown below

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