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See this YouTube Video of UK MoD use of Dragon and IR filters in combat helicopter operations illuminating out the door as landing aids, wire finding and seeking targets 500m-plus to ground.

Dragon Portable Searchlight 3 - Night Vision & IR

Night Vision Enhancement & InfraRed Illumination

InfraRed (IR) illumination goes right back to the earliest night vision systems where a tube converted IR light projected onto a target back into visible image on a phosphor screen.

Modern night vision from Gen 1 onwards uses an image intensifier tube that gathers available light and converts that to a visible image.  Military night vision has to be totally covert and InfraRed is no longer part of the battlefield but in civilian and law enforcement operations IR is a very useful tool to enhance Image Intensifiers as you can now flood the target-area with invisible light.  Just fit an IR filter onto your DRAGON searchlight.

Long range night video and DSLR photography is now possible with amazing clarity giving positive identification of people, vehicles and number plates as IR penetrates deep into dark cover which even the very best image intensifiers would struggle to grab a picture.

Reflective markers can be placed on targets and easily identified even at extreme range.

Civil Defence Supply holds NATO, UK MoD and US DoD Stock Codifications for both DRAGON and its IR filters

Dragon Night Vision YouTUBE Video

See this YouTube Video