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Dragon Portable Searchlight 4

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Any night operations require some form of portable lighting, even building entry in daylight, as officers need adequate light not only to see and able to search but for their own safety avoiding hazards.  

Selecting the right Operational Lighting is essential.  Civil Defence Supply has been manufacturing here in the United Kingdom DRAGON Portable Searchlights for nearly three decades offering a user a range of power, type and duration options fit for any tactical purpose.

The new DRAGON Strobe Searchlight is a state-of-art LED array with a dual-switch allowing the operator to select normal Searchlight Mode or Less Lethal High-Intensity Strobe.

Correctly specifying the Strobe-rate is critical as serious medical implications exist if the flash-rate comes close to 16 flashes/second which can trigger epileptic reaction.

In-vehicle 12v & 24v recharging, mains and airframe charging all compliment the DRAGON Searchlight range. Used with a 12v vehicle power cable unlimited duration patrol lighting is possible retaining the searchlight at full-capacity ready for foot operations.

DRAGON searchlights are all user-serviceable, simple to maintain, reliable and powerful.

DRAGON Strobe Searchlight

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