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Human Rights Compliant & Ethical Procedures

Due to the unique religious mix in Northern Ireland the RUC/PSNI have adopted many new Human Rights observant procedures within their operational policing model which many countries internationally should take notice of.  The world’s media has instant access to virtually every public protest in Northern Ireland and any inappropriate methods of practices would be swiftly exposed.

Even under extreme provocation and sustained attack the police have maintained professionalism and control over what many other countries would classify as civil insurrection resulting in deaths, bad publicity and international censure.  The CDS Armadillo Riot Shield and its tactics are central to those policies allowing ranks of police to survive sustained attack without fear of personal injury yet be ready to deploy when the opportunity arises.

History 7

Royal Ulster Constabulary -  1996 to today

Northern Ireland has been in almost continuous conflict since the 1960’s reaching crisis in 1972 with the Bloody Sunday march and its aftermath resulting in a radical reappraisal on how civil powers policed the Province supported by the Army. By 1990 the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) had the primary role in quelling civil disorder with the Army only giving support in dire situations. RUC Public Order training took place in an old hangar alongside HM Prison MAZE and this is where the RUC first saw Armadillo shield formations in use with HM Prison Northern Ireland C&R staff practising their massed formations, smaller group tactics and cell extractions.

It is acknowledged world-wide that the Royal Ulster Constabulary (now the Police Service Northern Ireland - PSNI) is without doubt one of the most experienced Public Disorder capable forces Internationally with decades of experience dealing with everything from car bombs to sectarian violence, drugs, terrorism, racketeering, smuggling and murders. Few forces have this general experience and that is why the RUC adopted Civil Defence Supply equipment and tactics which have stood the test of time from 1996 to today.

Many tactics regularly used by PSNI are never seen on UK main-land streets such as frequent discharge of baton rounds and water cannon. PSNI face many threats including pipe-bombs, grenades, petrol bombs and live firearms. Lasers are often used against PSNI riot formations as recently seen on the streets of Athens and Paris.