Civil Defence Supply

Research, development, testing, manufacture, supply and training of specialised Defence and Law Enforcement products

Civil Defence Supply holds a full Home Office Section 5 Prohibited Weapons Authority enabling not only the manufacture of these devices but their collection, storage and eventual destruction.

Incapacitants 6 - Product Recycling

World War 1

Fully Certified End-of-Life Collection, Storage & Incineration

Fully Recyclable product

Civil Defence Supply created the disposal and recycling programme alongside the development of the CapTor product giving our customers a Total Care Solution to End of Life Disposal.  As all Incapacitants in the United Kingdom are Section 5 Prohibited Weapons (even if discharged) the disposal process has to follow strict rules.

Civil Defence Supply also holds a full Environment Agency Waste Transfer Licences authorising the collection, Storage and movement of Waste.  CS and other chemical devices are also classified as TOXIC WASTE which have their own environmental regulations.

The Company has specially trained teams to arrange collection and assist your department with all the necessary administrative paperwork necessary for safe and legal disposal.  Please ask for our Data Pack.

Civil Defence Supply has Contracts with some of the largest waste incineration companies in the United Kingdom which guarantee Witnessed Destruction which is the highest level of disposal.

As every canister is serial numbered full record-keeping is maintained throughout this process which is also part of our ISO 9002 Accreditation.

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