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Incapacitants - CapTor History

World War 1

Oleoresin Capscicum or OC Pepper Sprays have been in police use since the early 1970’s especially in the United States where they are routinely carried by all police officers.  CS is an even older irritant device dating back to battlefield gases in World War One. These are all viable Less Lethal options however, most irritants and incapacitants are highly contaminating and affect not only the perpetrator but those around the immediate vicinity including vehicles, cells and public spaces.

There was a need for a modern chemical device that address the deficiencies of OC Pepper, CS, MACE and other mixtures, yet provided a powerful and effective debilitating effect on an attacker.

Civil Defence Supply self-funded extensive scientific research into finding that alternative.  Over five years work and after a huge investment CDS created an entirely new chemical formulation using an ultra-low 0.3% concentration of a specific chemical in 99.7% safe solvent that gave all the necessary eye-blinding properties required and no undesirable after-effects or cross-contamination.

That new product PAVA was so innovative it went forwards to international Patents and was named CapTor. Eight years of public safety biomedical assessments then followed to ensure this entirely new product was safe to be used on the public.  These trials and experimentation included skin sensitisation, eye, asthmatic and reproductive tests creating a test protocol never seen before for a police-use chemical incapacitant.

The UK Home Office then created an official specification CapTor had to pass, eventually authorising the product for street use.  The majority of United Kingdom police forces now use CapTor as it is far more effective than CS.

In 2008 Civil Defence Supply began new scientific work programme to create an entirely non-flammable product CapTor 2 due to the increasing deployment of TASER. CapTor 2 has now completely replaced the original product.  As CapTor only affects the eyes giving a blinding sensation for a short duration with no cross-contamination problems or the need for medical intervention the in-use costs are vastly lower than those for CS and other cross-contaminating or flammable products.