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Incapacitants 2

World War 1

CapTor is normally issued in small hand-held aerosols but the same mixture can be bulk loaded into water canon and other mass discharge devices for tactical firearms and riot control use a highly effective Less Lethal device.  Research and Development is on-going into various methods of delivery including a new non-pyrotechnic ‘grenade’ and a mass smoke generator using bulk pre-mix.

The World’s first TASER-Safe Incapacitant

Specially designed formulation for CED’s to avoid ANY flammability potential when used in dynamic situations where a perpetrator could be sprayed beforehand prior to TASER deployment.

Fully UK Home Office Approved for front-line police issue

Bulk Discharge Systems      Civil Defence Supply is creating a selection of CapTor bulk discharge systems around specific operational requirements ranging from riot control with dye and DNA markers to smaller devices ideal for Tactical Firearms & SWAT use with deployment ranges from 10m up to 30m


United States Air Force Research Laboratory Report

Civil Defence Supply was involved in a three-year assessment programme with the United States Less Lethal Directorate in Quantico resulting in the publication of a major report on the safety of OC Pepper sprays and CapTor/PAVA

This is one of the most detailed and scientifically based reports available today and prove that CapTor’s low percentage composition is a safer option.

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More Comparison Information on CS, OC Pepper and CapTor    See -  Incapacitants Page 4

US Air Force Test report

BBC Inside Out documentary TASER & CS Flammability on YouTube