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The World’s first Incapacitant Training Spray with reusable cap

A substantial proportion of the costs of a can of Inert Training Spray are the injection moulded cap, its colour-coded moulded flip-lid and the button inside with nozzle.   As only specially treated water is used in training sprays there is absolutely no contamination once discharged and it was logical to try to find a way to manufacture a cap specifically to be re-fitted onto a charged inert canister to keep costs down.

CLICK-CAP is visually identical to the live-issue spray cap the only difference being a shaped spring-steel clip that inserts into two parallel slots locking the cap into place onto a fresh inert training spray.

Substantial savings can be made each year by this simple invention.

Incapacitants 3  -  Click-Cap

World War 1

This is just another example how Civil Defence Supply ensured its customers are offered the very best innovations that science and manufacturing can deliver

Inert Training Spray

Training with an Inert Water Spray to replicate the exact jet characteristics of a live canister is an essential part of all United Kingdom Officer Training. Correct use and aim with full knowledge of the jet-stream properties at various ranges is important to get the very best delivery patterns onto target. CapTor has a rich-jet stream accurately reaching up to 5m or 16ft whereas overseas competitors have cone and more diffuse patterns which  are very short range and can disperse in a side-wind.  CapTor engagement distances and accuracy give stand-off added to the selective incapacitation of individuals makes CapTor a formidable Officer Safety device on par with TASER

Inert water training Civil Defence Supply is well aware that many customers are facing budget cut-backs and any way reducing costs is attractive.  Every officer has to be trained and most agencies insist that Annual Appraisals take place to ensure their staff are up to date and fully aware of their legal obligations, the Use of Force and Laws relating to their role and responsibilities.

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