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Civil Defence Supply holds numerous UK Government Licences and Permits enabling the sale and movement of arms, ammunition, explosives, pyrotechnics, chemical devices, hazardous goods and other controlled commodities. Some countries require Import Licensing and it is the responsibility of the buyer to determine what Controls, Legislation or Licenses are in place governing the importation of Civil Defence Supply equipment, the provision of trainers, labour laws and movement restrictions affecting a Contract.

A substantial amount of the equipment manufactured and supplied by Civil Defence Supply requires Export Licensing before it can be shipped to an overseas end-user. Due to rapidly changing political events around the World UK Export Control lists are regularly reviewed especially with due regard to preventing export of controversial material where obvious Human Rights abuse occurs or to unstable or non-elected Governments in crisis or turmoil.

Prior to ANY quotation or offers made to a client or direct to a foreign government it is essential to determine if an Export Licence is likely to be granted as not only is the supply situation unclear but associated banking and payment terms all rely on properly administered and authorised procedures.  The same Laws dictate Export Controls in most developed countries such as the United States Department of State ITAR Licensing procedures which are almost identical to those here in the United Kingdom.

CDS is also a Registered US DofS ITAR Broker handling US Controlled Goods from the USA to UK, Europe and other countries.

More information on United Kingdom Export Licence procedures can be found here

Our administrative staff are skilled in all aspects of international supply management, End User Certificates and other documents needed to support an Export Licence Application.  We will assist you in all stages of an export contract including international consolidation and freight.  

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