Civil Defence Supply

Research, development, testing, manufacture, supply and training of specialised Defence and Law Enforcement products


Tactical Firearms, riot units and other users require Methods of Entry equipment for forced entry.  

Civil Defence Supply manufactures a range of Methods of Entry equipment including the RHINO RAM which is a carefully balanced welded-steel battering-ram delivering massive force ideal for opening most domestic and industrial doors including multi-lock if the hinged side is impacted rather than along the lock-line.

We have found that the squared-end delivers exact point-force with a deep hand-guard to prevent injuries if over-penetration occurs with certain door materials such as uPVC, or when breaking toughened glass, double-glazing, thin woodwork or roller shutters.

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Other types of MoE equipment are supplied including multi-tool leverage devices, hydraulic door rams and various lock and .padlock removal aids.

Lock-picking kits, lock pick training and a selection of MoE Training Rigs are available to give more advanced capability.  Repeat training on a proper MoE simulator is essential to maintain rapid-entry skills.

Proper training is necessary to gain the best use out of MoE Equipment and ensure Staff Safety.  Civil Defence Supply provides full operator training if requested.

For instance, extra-long KEVLAR-lined gauntlets are necessary when forcing plate-glass and patio doors to avoid glass injuries.

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