Civil Defence Supply

Research, development, testing, manufacture, supply and training of specialised Defence and Law Enforcement products

Belts, Pouches, Boots and Accessories

Civil Defence Supply can provide the following equipment either from catalogue or manufactured to order to enable you to select colour choice, specific textile properties, increased protective factors and items individually marked with either printed badges or embroidered.  Civil Defence Supply can also supply artwork in any language with exceptionally high-quality digital embroidery.

*  Combat harness, vests, pouches and tactical accessories

*  Kit bags, equipment bags, hard and soft protective cases with and without foam inserts

*  Belts, cuff & spray pouches and retaining cords, respirator bags and any bespoke design

*  All body protection including impact, ballistic, fire and weather

*  Boots, legs protectors, gloves, overalls, head-overs/balaclavas, bump caps & helmets

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Civil Defence Supply is a skilled Contract and Project Management Company capable of assembling large home and export contracts including all Logistics from UK warehouses to Client

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