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Finance Information

Please Download this PDF file Showing our Office of Fair Trading Consumer Credit Licence

Office of Fair Trading Consumer Credit Licence issued to Civil Defence Supply

Civil Defence Supply is always looking for ways to help our customers. Insufficient funding is maybe one of the reasons why re-equipment and re-training is not being considered today. The world-wide Recession has hit many official agencies and individual departments very hard.

Have you ever considered purchasing your equipment by Lease or other finance options now currently available…?

Traditionally, budgets are agreed for each Fiscal year’s spend and it is very hard to negotiate an increase as most agencies face drastic decreases year after year.  This means that apart from delaying some large Capital Spend projects the amount of personnel equipped is also reduced.  Some departments are re-equipping piecemeal adding new kit in small batches.  This is a very unsatisfactory situation.  

Adopting Lease to purchase equipment now turns what was once a Capital Spend into a Revenue Item, as you now pay monthly for that same equipment but spread over a number of years.  If correctly set-up, this also frees up Capital for other lesser-value purchases.  As each project is discussed on a Case-by-Case basis please contact us and we’ll set up a meeting.  Industry uses Lease, many larger agencies use Lease and many police forces Lease their vehicles,…..So why not protective and operational equipment….?