Civil Defence Supply

Research, development, testing, manufacture, supply and training of specialised Defence and Law Enforcement products

*   Driving skills including high-speed, evasive, off-road, HGV, skid-pan, escort, motorcycle, blue-light and armed response

*   Street patrolling skills, dealing with the public, custody, processing and specialisations in normal day & night operations

*   Career advancement and learning.  New skills to enhance professional development and ability to perform tasks.

*   Working under crisis, stress management, higher-level personal skills involved in serious incident response with multi-agencies

*   Education and general life-skills especially assisting the introduction of new practices and policies in a structured manner

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Training 5 - General Duties, Policing and First Responder Training


Although this web site covers front-line response to exceptionally violent and potential lethal confrontations, Civil Defence Supply does have instructors able to deliver General Policing, peace-keeping and Conflict management Training not only to Law Enforcers but to First Responders, Emergency Services and indeed ANY personnel who may needs skills training.

The ability to Threat Manage, assess potentially difficult or dangerous situations and work individually or as a group needs proper training and we have developed our own Distance Learning and Classroom systems to support any form of Training Course your require, either directly delivered by Civil Defence Supply or one of its associate companies.

General duties includes the following skills -

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