Civil Defence Supply

Research, development, testing, manufacture, supply and training of specialised Defence and Law Enforcement products

Situation Awareness  -  Decision Making

Peripheral Vision - Perceptional Accuracy - Visual Acuity

Fitness for Role  -  Bio-feedback Analysis

Today’s front-line personnel face ever-increasing pressures to perform in their combat role.  Civil Defence Supply has been following interesting developments in Sports Sciences to improve athletic performance and now that these new methods have been fully validated by both scientists and the military, we can offer your department a tool-kit of these two new amazing products.

NeuroTracker - A ‘brain-training’ package to vastly improve the mind giving enhanced capabilities after a few hours exposure. The latest technology in performance enhancement.  Your personnel will see a dramatic improvement in their perception and situation-awareness with improved peripheral vision and accuracy identifying visual stimulation.  As the student is continuously scored improvements can be tracked during the low-impact assessment sessions some only taking a few minutes.  A range of visualisation displays and devices enables virtually any form of access to NeuroTracker training including at home or at work.

Performance Sciences

                      A Bluetooth enabled telemetry and recording package to monitor body performance feedback allowing analysis of individuals or teams in action.   A body-worn harness with sensors picks up vital body data and send signals to a ZEPHYR-enabled laptop to display and record each individual at rest or during activity.  This essential data will keep your team at peak performance setting individual parameters




Currently in-service with United States Special Forces and other Units