Civil Defence Supply

Research, development, testing, manufacture, supply and training of specialised Defence and Law Enforcement products

Civil Defence Supply has brought to Military, Law Enforcement and Intervention Agencies many new innovations in physical equipment and found that many departments are now investigating new theories into Officer Capability beyond just good equipment and training.

Skill-levels are already at very high levels with many officers more than capable of performing their responsibilities however, as in any job, demanding situations do occur and it is these events that really put the officer under duress.  Decision-making is a fundamental part of rationalising a threat or occurrence to then decide upon the correct response.  Visual perception is the vital link.  Improve perception and cognitive skills and you are then massively improving that chain of events.

NeuroTracker - 2


Complex systems require levels of visual-acuity well beyond what could be classified as ‘normal’.

It is recognised by both scientists and operators that quality repetitive training does improve skill levels.

NeuroTracker substantially adds new levels to that baseline.

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NeuroTracker is simple to set up and use.  Each individual follows a sequence of visual challenges with proven improvement in scoring as they progress over time.  The best way to understand NeuroTracker is to book a demonstration