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Training not only improves Officer Skills but also operational effectiveness.  CapTor is one of the few sprays that can be used with a gloved hand. Transition from one Less Lethal option to another requires Training to make most effective use of those devices

Why do I need Training….?

This is just a can of Spray….

If you take Officer Safety seriously under your Duty of Care Obligations CapTor is a powerful Less Lethal Option in the Continuum Use of Force because it is highly effective, has extended range over other sprays and is entirely non-contaminating once delivered - Use our Training Programme.

Transition to TASER or firearms requires a totally non-flammable incapacitant

Incapacitants 5 - Training

World War 1

CapTor Training Programme and Annual Re-Certification package available to all users

CapTor is an essential option within the National Decision Model (NDM)


The entire United Kingdom Police follow this structured Incapacitants Training Programme

National Framework Agreement