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Training 6 - Policy & Doctrine


Civil Defence Supply has enjoyed a unique position within the development of new  policy, tactics, equipment and training.  As a direct result the Company has forged superb relationships with scientists, the Civil Service, senior officers and front-line commanders spanning well over twenty years.  Many of those people have risen up the ranks and now hold senior positions of responsibility.

The United Kingdom follows very ethical procedures in any policy or procedure affecting the general public, in an open and transparent manner.  Every aspect of law and order is heavily scrutinised before acceptance.  The Policies and Doctrine we follow are a benchmark others should consider as part of their reviews if a new direction is sought.

Civil Defence Supply has access to some of the top names in United Kingdom Policing and Military response.  Those same people can be called upon to act as advisors to any international enquiry about re-equipment, managerial and policy reviews and operational deployment.

POLICING UK 2013  In mid-2013 the Home Office supported a report called Policing UK 2013. Designed to inform those involved shaping policy in the Country, this publication provides a level of insight from some of the most respected commentators in the field.  POLICING UK 2013 sets out the current issues and challenges confronting the police service at a time of challenge unparalleled since the 1960’s. The combination of serious budget cuts and reforms to governance, national organisations have come at a time of unprecedented demand on policing.  The publication describes the scope and scale of the changes and pressures on the police service, helping a political and informed readership understand the choices and professional dilemmas facing the service.

Eran Bauer, Director of Civil Defence Supply is the ONLY CIVILIAN writer within this publication comprised of senior politicians including The Home Secretary, Chief Constables, senior civil servants and respected academics.  Eran can be found on Page 74 onwards, writing about the most controversial subject of ‘Armed Policing’.   

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Eran Bauer writes on Armed Policing on Pages 74-76 as a direct result of over thirty years experience in operational deployment, tactics, policies and equipment

       Eran Bauer - Director - CDS