Civil Defence Supply

Research, development, testing, manufacture, supply and training of specialised Defence and Law Enforcement products

Permits control the international movement of all arms, ammunition, explosives, pyrotechnics, chemical devices, hazardous goods and other controlled commodities. Some countries require Import Licensing and it is the responsibility of the buyer to determine what Controls, Legislation or Licenses are in place governing the importation of Civil Defence Supply equipment, the provision of trainers, labour laws and movement restrictions affecting a Contract.   Please ask our Staff for advice.

Civil Defence Supply has pioneered the development of Ethical and Human Rights observant methods and practices to minimise risk to both the Public and those who serve within law and order and the military.  The Continuum Use of Force sets out the escalation of response based on rising threat.  Less Lethal options have to be part of modern-day response.  Any agency considering re-equipment and re-training has to look internationally towards better methods and practices to ensure their government is not brought into disrepute through violent and inappropriate methods causing death and serious injuries.

Everything Civil Defence Supply offers is in extensive front-line operational use supported by training programmes that ensure public and officer safety. Please access the United Nations web sites listed here and read the full text of the 1948 United Nations Declaration on Human Rights  -  CLICK HERE on onto the icons below

Our personnel, our associate companies and sub-contractors all subscribe to United Nations Ethical Codes of Practice  -  CLICK HERE for more information or below.

Most items provided by Civil Defence Supply are controlled by United Kingdom Export Licences and can only be shipped after Her Majesty’s Government has scrutinised the End User and all aspects of the order. Due to rapidly changing political events around the World UK Export Control lists are regularly reviewed especially with due regard to preventing export of controversial material where obvious Human Rights abuse occurs or to unstable or non-elected Governments in crisis or turmoil.

Civil Defence Supply is a Fully Registered United Nations supplier.

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