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Armadillo Shields - National Enabling Agreement  

BS 7971

ARMADILLO is now the ‘National Shield’ for the United Kingdom


On behalf of the United Kingdom Police Devon & Cornwall Constabulary went out to European Tender - Anti-Riot Equipment - EU 2011/S 238-384388 under EU Directive 2004/18/EC won by Civil Defence Supply to establish a four-year Consortium and Framework Agreement allowing any Public Body to buy into the negotiated scheme.

The Police Service Northern Ireland in preparation of the G8 summit talks Summer 2013 took delivery of a substantial quantity of Armadillo riot shields under this Framework Agreement as discounted prices due to the huge quantities involved of both Intermediate Armadillo and Round Shields.

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ANY Public Organisation can Buy Into this Framework Agreement

CapTor is part of the Hertfordshire Constabulary Framework Agreement at a Nationally Negotiated fixed-price Contract

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