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AireBag Suicide/Fall Arrest System - Railway Trials 1

World War 1

Extensive tests and evaluations are on-going to ensure AireBag can be successfully deployed in a wide range of true-life operational situations.  One of the most difficult is to place AireBag in a railway suicide call-out where steep banks and difficult terrain hampers deployment during a negotiation.

With the assistance of the Great Central Railway preservation group near Loughborough in Leicestershire Civil Defence Supply and Aireshelta plc arranged a full-day trials programme on one of the few privately run twin-track railways in the Country. Their highest overhead bridge near Quorn was ideal for these tests.  The following TWO PAGES follows these trials.

These trials saw the first use of a new concept called the AireBag SNAKE which is a rapid-deployment lightweight coiled tube brightly coloured to act as visual ‘barriers’ either side of the person to prevent sideways relocation ensuring that once deployed, the AireBag is directly below the person in the most advantageous location.

The scenario starts with a threatened suicide off a elevated road bridge over an active twin-track railway in a difficult to approach rural location with high embankments either side of the tracks and excellent all-round observation giving the person every advantage to cause maximum disruption.  We used a full-weight mannequin and a highly experienced police negotiator as on-site advisor. Train traffic is called to a total halt preventing ANY movement whilst negotiations take place.  Two SNAKES are then deployed either side to contain the person.  They are VERY hard to climb over.


With thanks to Great Central Railway for their assistance

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