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AireBag Suicide/Fall Arrest System - Railway Trials 2

World War 1

While negotiations are taking place underneath the bridge AireBag has been quietly carried down the steep embankment and made ready to deploy. The negotiator has full control over how and when each part of the AireBag deployment is sequenced either with SNAKE first or AireBag deployed then followed by SNAKE. This is a judgement-call only a skilled and properly trained negotiator can decide upon. A series of radio ‘clicks’ are all that is necessary to command each option. The value of proper pre-deployment training is clearly demonstrated in this sequence of photos.  Every AireBag customer will be offered the full training course.

AireBag has been covertly deployed under the bridge.  Railway tracks are maybe the most challenging surfaces to deploy any suicide bag system as access is a major problem as everything has to be dragged into position silently and quickly. The negotiator commands the sequence of events as both SNAKE and AireBag can be easily and quickly set up and then moved discretely into optimal position.  SNAKE is a visual ‘barrier’ to keep the jumper within a zone dictated by the negotiator and are held in place by sandbag counterweights. This trial took place on a very exposed bridge with wind down the track yet both Airebag and SNAKE were not affected. If the negotiator was concerned that a real threat existed the Airebag is fully deployed within seconds and pushed into location directly below the jumper.

As AireBag covers a substantial width of track or road the use of SNAKE retains the jumper in the best possible position to secure entrapment even if propelled outwards as even off-centre impact is designed into the phased-collapse structure. The photographs show that SNAKE can either be strung over a parapet or hung downwards as their straps are fully adjustable when attached to their sand-bag counterweights.

Video of full-weight mannequin falling from the railway bridge into AireBag with SNAKE deployed either side to contain the person within the ideal drop position to ensure safe entrapment


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