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TASER is now an essential response option with police forces worldwide offering Less Lethal capability however other Force Options exist under the Use of Force Continuum therefore Civil defence Supply has not only developed VIPER as progressive training aid as well as developing CapTor as a TASER-safe incapacitant spray

Civil Defence Supply is in the forefront of Officer Safety Research and Development

VIPER TASER Simulation  -  4


VIPER not only enhances your current training but enables transition to far more effective and dynamic situation simulation which is a more defensible OFFICE SAFETY, PUBLIC SAFETY and DUTY OF CARE package.        

A set of new VIPER videos will be added to this page during the next few months.

VIPER costs nothing to operate. There is a very strong BUSINESS CASE supporting the adoption of VIPER TASER simulation under a SPEND TO SAVE programme.

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While you are looking at TASER-related videos please click on this link to the recent BBC Inside Out documentary about CS Flammability when used with CED’s

CapTor is our TASER-safe Synthetic Pepper Spray which has been specifically designed alongside the increasing deployment of TASER and other CED’s.

CapTor is now in extensive use throughout the United Kingdom Police

Please CLICK onto this link below to take you to our CapTor Incapacitant web pages

TASER Training & VIPER Video links

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