Civil Defence Supply

Research, development, testing, manufacture, supply and training of specialised Defence and Law Enforcement products

Thirty-plus years experience designing, manufacturing and supplying front-line police, military and security equipment and the host of this years Officer Safety & SpecOps 2013 Exhibition.  On display for the two days are the following -

ARMADILLO Tactical Riot Shields, electric dog shield and new BALLISTIC Armadillo interlinking shields NIJ Level 3 & 4

DRAGON Portable Searchlights including new LED systems in MAX Area lighting and new Max Ultraviolet Area light

Laser Dazzler technology for Less Lethal use in rapid entry situations, custody and tactical firearms

Night Vision and Thermal Imagery for all night operations including Cannabis Farm identification.

CapTor 2 Incapacitant TASER Safe Less Lethal options - Full Business Case for the changeover from CS to CapTor 2

VIPER TASER Training System - The World’s most advanced TASER Simulation with static and Dynamic scenarios

VIPER Firearms Simulation systems - New range of low-cost basic and advanced firearms training simulation

First Responder Respirator (FRR) system - New combat respirator including SCBA systems & training

Infrared night vision enhancement systems - Laser and Dragon InfraRed Filter systems

Long range Less-Lethal Laser distraction systems - Laser Electronics Limited

RHINO and new CDS Hydraulic Door Entry Systems - New Methods of Entry equipment

PULSAR directly attached Night Vision System to day scopes and sniper rifles with monocular adaptor

Hands-on demonstrations throughout both days allowing visitors to experience new technologies in action

Officer Safety & SpecOps Event Ashby Hall   -   29th to 30th October 2013

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RoadAngel & ToughTracker exhibiting asset tracking systems with GPS plotting demonstrating the use of a range of tracking aids not only to deter but locate all forms of plant, vehicles, assets, equipment and property.

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TETRA Scene of Crime are one of the leading United Kingdom forensic and scientific aid manufacturing and supply companies providing a wide range of essential equipment used in evidential collection, management and in the laboratory

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