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Research, development, testing, manufacture, supply and training of specialised Defence and Law Enforcement products

Officer Safety & SpecOps Event   Ashby Hall  -  29th - 30th October 2013

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SKIPPER Rapid Deployment Cabins

Designed around the footprint of a standard waste skip the range of SKIPPER Rapid Deployment Cabins enables any skip truck to deliver and position mini-Control Rooms, weapons stores & armouries, secure storage or portable power in tight locations not normally accessible as crane & fork lifting facilities are designed into the structure. - Please talk to CDS staff about SKIPPER

The East Midlands Branch of the EMERGENCY PLANNING SOCIETY is represented here at SpecOps 2013.  Since its creation in 1993 the EPS has become a driving force in the world of Emergency Planning and Resilience. Through regular consultation with the Government at all levels the EPS provides a voice for its members to influence and change.

EPS members come from all areas of the Resilience profession and as a Society we  provide and national forum with an extensive regional branch network.  New members always welcome.  We have regular visits to some very interesting locations giving members access to new thinking and practices.            Web site -

SEC UK Industrial Battery Ltd

A leading supplier of medical, utility, sports and leisure batteries and launching here at SpecOps 2013 an entirely new range of portable power packs for emergency use and rapid deployment.  Producing 12v DC or a choice of 110V or 240V these packs come complete with matched solar panel sets enabling off-grid power for control rooms, laptops, communications, lighting, medical equipment and virtually any powered item.

Bespoke battery systems and portable power solutions can be made to order.