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Please refer to the CogniSense web site report on US Special Forces use of NeuroTracker

More details can be found on the NeuroTracker web site -

Sports Science Innovations Ltd will be conducting live demonstrations daily -   

Demonstrating NeuroTracker, Zephyr & other performance enhancing systems

ZEPHYR personal diagnostics systems are being demonstrated enabling you to meet your Duty of Care Obligations for any staff exposed to high-risk or high-stress situations to create a unique personal biofeedback database.

Web information in ZEPHYR -

Officer Safety & SpecOps Event Ashby Hall   -  29th to 30th October 2013

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NEUROTRACKER is showing a range of cognitive training systems to improve personal perception and ability.  Adopted by United States Special Forces this system can massively enhance personal ability to handle challenging situations. Developed by world-leading neurophysicist Dr.Faubert we are honoured to have attending SpecOps 2013 Jean Castonguay from Canada who will personally demonstrate this amazing concept -

More Exhibitors …

ISG InfraSys exhibiting the very latest handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC) for use by police, security and surveillance complete with image grab & time/date.  Full Training available through CDS  See full range of ISG TIC cameras here  -

REEVU rear vision motorcycle helmets exclusively offered by CDS for para-medics, first-responders, police traffic officers and ideal for covert motorcycle surveillance.  With the unique REEVU rearwards vision system this is a major improvement in road safety especially at speed.

We are the ONLY source of plain non-marked REEVU helmets and able to markup in force or organisation colours and badges direct from factory