Civil Defence Supply

Research, development, testing, manufacture, supply and training of specialised Defence and Law Enforcement products

With decade of experience in Emergency Services and Defence application AIRESHELTA can deliver a wide range of operational solutions using their well-prove air-beam structures.

On display are a selection of air structures however virtually any design can be created to specifications enabling personnel and victims almost immediate access to first responders.  

Fire, rescue, medical, defence, CBRN and environmental shelter is easy to store, easy to transport, simple to erect even with unskilled staff and once erected gives valuable shelter.  A choice of materials can be matched to your needs from arctic to tropical.

Officer Safety & SpecOps Event   Ashby Hall  -  29th - 30th October 2013

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Aireshelta rapid deployment air structures are the ideal way to store, transport and assemble emergency and first-response ‘buildings’ and facilities in emergencies

Very wide airbeam structures are possible

Ideal for mass evacuation, CBRN and casualty handling

Instant emergency services facilities

Any size - Anywhere

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In a Joint-Venture project Aireshelta plc and Civil Defence Supply have joined forces to create the World’s first scientifically designed fall-arrest system specifically created for suicide jumpers and falls from height.

Using a unique Phase-Collapse System the AireBag can be rapidly deployed under bridges, structures or alongside vertical walls to give negotiators a safety system to reduce the possibility of fatal consequences. Transport network disruption can be minimised as AireBay pays for itself in its first deployment

Civil Defence Supply

Minimise network disruption

Deployed in seconds