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AireBag Suicide/Fall Arrest System - Motorway Trials

Trials continue on testing the entire sequence of events from packing an AireBag into a normal 4x4 or estate car out of its storage, to methods of covertly approaching the scene and deploying the AireBag underneath the structure.  Once rolled and properly positioned the twin Nitrogen cylinders can be initiated and within seconds the AireBag is inflated.

SNAKES are attached to the bridge rails with FlexiCuffs oir long cable ties, or we use a pair of ‘sandbags’ with retaining straps.  The SNAKES limit movement to exactly over the inflated AireBag below making the Negotiators job a lot easier as it is almost impossible to evade a SNAKE as it projects so far forwards.  It is a visual and psychological ‘barrier’.    Dismantling and deflation takes a few minutes to restore traffic flow.

Massive disruption to the transport network

Jumper limited by SNAKES either side

Everything fits inside a normal 4x4 or estate car including Nitrogen Cylinders

Rapid deployment within minutes of arrival - hidden beneath bridge deck

Civil Defence Supply