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Research, development, testing, manufacture, supply and training of specialised Defence and Law Enforcement products

Officer Safety & SpecOps Event   Ashby Hall  -  29th - 30th October 2013

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As this is a closed event we are trying to ensure visitors know they are within a secure environment to discuss operational matters in a confidential arena with hands-on access to equipment


FREE Hot and cold drinks available throughout the day on both days and if pre-booked you will receive a FREE lunch pass with one Hot Snack provided per delegate


Each company will be making available equipment for delegates to handle and test. Extensive indoor and outdoor space available to allow visitors to try various technologies


Although every care is taken to ensure visitor safety no claims can be entertained for own injury as a result of handling any products or technologies on display

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29th October 2013

30th October 2013

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Please make us aware of any comments such as dietary or a specific technology you wish demonstrated to be pre-prepared for a specific day