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Training 3 - Tactical Firearms & Special Operations


Tactical Firearms, SWAT and anti-terrorist tactics are now front-line Training demands and every developed country has to have a well equipped Tactical Firearms capability.  Civil Defence Supply employs ex-Special Forces and ex-Police senior instructors to deliver the very latest training and tactics to enable a unit to become totally proficient in all aspects of armed assault, hostage release and intervention.

Civil Defence Supply is also the United Kingdom exclusive agent for LaserShot video and CGI simulation utilising the best and most cost-effective technology in simulation training including Virtual Reality using Bohemia Interactive VBS imagery   -    See VBS2 Link below

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For more information about LASERSHOT and SIMULATION please CLICK HERE                                   For Bohemia VBS  -  See Below

BOHEMIA Interactive VBS Platform

Military and Civil Agencies worldwide are signing up for VBS2 Virtual Reality imagery as part of simulated environment training where laser pulse weapons can be fired at dynamic situation with realistic challenges.

A comprehensive simulation system with simulated and LiveFire capability is Cost-Effective, can be totally portable and improves skills as it is available 24-7 all year round and is not weather-dependable.

Bin Laden Compound on VBS2

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